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Discover more about the different ways I can come beside you in each of the following categories. Keep in mind that these lists just skim the surface. 

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The concerns, issues, and conflicts that can arise when working directly with other people are essentially limitless.

 As soon as you feel confident in your customer service skills and client satisfaction, expect something outrageous to fly in from left field…

I've been there.

This is why I truly take all the time needed to understand your unique situation - and then formulate a tailored solution-based approach to it. 

As a faith-based consulting firm, it’s vital that we hear and honor each person involved. Your client’s satisfaction matters to us as much as your own.

 Seems impossible right now?


 Is it?

 Nope.  We'll do our best to achieve exactly this with Grace & Strength.

Client Solutions

A crisis looks different to everyone.

It feels different, requires different things, and will ultimately affect you, your business, your family, your life, and your finances differently than it would anyone else.

This is why I place such a great emphasis on understanding and addressing the crisis from a holistic perspective, adhering to Christian principles from start to finish in the resolution process.

Crisis is also a great teacher, once you're safely on the other side.

So, when the time is right, I also place a high importance on working with you to reflect on what led you there and what brought you through.

I always say that if I never have a repeat crisis client, I know I'm doing something right!

Crisis Resolutions

Ready to send this crisis packing once and for all, with Grace & Strength?

crisis resolutions

Refund Requests
Unrealistic Expectations
Scope Creep
Contract Enforcement
Defaulted Payments
Reputation Management
Mediation (Formal or Informal)
Post-Crisis Counsel and Planning
And more...

Whether we're working with you or taking over for you, when it comes to crisis management,
you can count on Grace & Strength for:

so Ready!

When you really step back and look at everything you’re asked to do as a creative entrepreneur, solopreneur, or small business owner, feeling overwhelmed is totally normal.

You have to be your own COO, CEO, CFO, CMO, CIO, well as your own secretary, analyst, and customer service department.

Have a team or looking to scale?

 The responsibility only increases as you trade your trust for their time.

So it makes perfect sense that from time to time you will hit a wall, draw a blank, lose the fight against distraction, and yes, even make some serious bad calls.

That’s why we offer comprehensive and tailored approaches to address the following - to keep you calm, confident, and courageous at the helm of this journey you’re on every day.

In addition, if your need extends beyond our personal level of expertise, we are happy to refer to our hand-selected team of industry experts. These are the incredible women (and some really great men!) who we are blessed to call our friends & who we keep on our own speed dial!

C-Suite Management

Excited to see how amazing your business really can be with Grace & Strength?

c-suite management

Goal Setting
Planning (Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly)
Time Management
Workflow Development and Revision
Systems Management
Financial Forecasting
Process Audit
Copy/Messaging Audit
Personal/Brand/Issue Advocacy
Sabbatical Counseling and Planning
And more...

We can't wait to help you make the right calls for your business - or bounce back from the bad ones
with Grace & Strength through:

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Bearing the Bad News

Bearing the Bad News

 Telling someone you can’t take them on as clients. Breaking the fact that “this just won’t work” to a hyper-interested lead. Having to announce that you’re stepping back - whether it’s for a day to take your kid to the doctor or for a month or more to save your own sanity… These can be hard conversations to have. I know. But they don’t have to be. It brings me so much joy to come alongside you and help you separate the “bad” from the “news,” the feelings from the facts. Helpign you determine how much to share and the right way to do it. Determining when it’s too soon, when it would be too late, and when it’s truly the perfect time. Reviewing your word choice, your tone, and your approach - all in as little as a few minutes. Offering to actually HAVE the conversation with you, if you just can’t bring yourself to do it for whatever reason (time, illness, anxiety, or you know, just downright not wanting to because you’re the boss, thanks very much.) If you have information that your client or customer needs, get whatever clarity and support you need first. A TBYI is a perfect way to try out my approach to this - and get an actual resolution to your real-life, right-now, someone-please-help-me! situation.